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Our Services

Chesapeake & Hudson, Inc. Publishers Representatives, offers a variety of publishing related services. Put our superior industry knowledge to work and start watching your sales increase, productivity increase, customer satisfaction improve and your in-house schedule become manageable. With over three decades of book and sideline experience, our sales force and administrative team can step right in and help solve your problems. Contracting with Chesapeake & Hudson, Inc. is cost effective. Some of the services we offer include:


Call Center Operations - Regional, United States or North America.

Customer Service Related Phone Calls - We do it all!
»»order status
»»stock status
»»short shipments
»»damaged books
»»pending credits
»»discount discrepancies
»»author signings/in-store events
»»invoice requests
»»packing slip requests
»»proof of delivery

Order Entry - We do it all, plus we are fast and accurate!
»»paper orders
»»faxed orders
»»web-based orders

Lead Generation - We know the right questions to ask and we take the proper steps to follow-up with prospects.

New Account Set Up - We make it as easy as possible for the customer to open an account.

Realtime Sales - Our experts will make suggested sales to increase your orders. We don't just "take" orders.

Blind Address - Dedicated phone and fax lines plus closely monitored email account(s).

Daily Reporting - A supervisor will provide daily/weekly/monthly order and call management reports.

Database Maintenance for Barnes & Noble, Inc., Baker & Taylor, Inc., Ingram, AWBC/Books-A-Million, Etc.

»»New Title Buy Sheets for B & N, Inc., and College Divisions
»»Baker & Taylor New Title Analysis, Suggested Buys, Buyer Worksheets Let us do the admin work for you while you continue to sell!

We have very good references. We have the skills and the desire to help you grow your business. Please contact Janine Jensen to find out how quickly we can start helping you with your special projects.

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